Speech Pathologist Clinician  



Andrea Rosales originally from Miami, FL, is the founder of Look Who’s Talking. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders from the University of Florida and Masters degree in Speech Pathology from George Washington University. She has worked with adults and children in both in the DC Metropolitan Area and Miami. Andrea is very passionate about her work, which includes evaluating and treating children with communication disorders to help them communicate more effectively. Furthermore, Andrea has worked with bilingual children, children on the Autism Spectrum and/or children that have intellectual disabilities. She provides therapy in both English and Spanish.

We are centrally located and metro accessible (by Farragut North metro) in DC. We provide speech therapy by incorporating a use of our own and your child's toys. The clinician works with the child in a room to facilitate or promote communication. Parents/ Caregivers are encouraged to listen nearby in order to develop a better understanding of the session. In addition, skills covered in session are reviewed after session. During the therapy session, we target specific sounds, overall intelligibility, language, fluency and voice through tactile, visual, phonetic and verbal cues, drill, games, toys, arts and crafts, cooking, books and hand outs to develop skills. Children are encouraged to communicate through the use of picture communication, gestures, sign, approximations and vocalizations. Furthermore, Look Who’s Talking incorporates a multidisciplinary approach meaning executive functioning (working memory, regulation, control, problem solving, flexibility, etc), sensory processing (focus, attention, organization); fine motor (buttoning, zippers, writing, coloring, cutting) and gross motor skills (walking, jumping, walking up steps) are all incorporated into the session as well.  We work as a team with all individuals involved with the child to encourage success in all environments!